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Samurai in armor with swords

Relics. A SF-noir-flavored nibble

Relics, is an SF-noir short story set in my Threading the Needle universe. Read about my inspiration and reasons for this story.

Ravages of Honor: Handwavium Part 4, The Concept of Generations

Worldbuilding isn’t just about establishing how the hyperdrive works or how the government works. It’s about establishing the “social” and “girl cootie” aspects of how their world works, since demography is destiny (to quote philosopher Auguste Comte). Some people dismiss this as “social scifi” as if it somehow makes it less scientific and unworthy of the title. They are wrong.

John Carter of Mars: A Much Needed Character Evolution

John Carter of Mars. The one time that Disney took something and made it better. And then they squandered it.

A day in the life 5/20/2022

Writing progress on new project. CorgiSan says “I regret nothing. I learned nothing. I’m not a bit sorry.”

Excerpt from Resilience, coming June 7, 2022 in Robosoldiers

Excerpt from my short story, Resilience (part of Robosoldiers edited by Stephen Lawson) coming June 7, 2022. Baen Books.

Review: The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn

Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn is a recommended read. It gets so much right, including what it what was like to survive under the abomination of communism.

Liberty Island Interview

Ravages of Honor is “…THAT book, the one that we’re driven to write because it’s the story we wanted to read and no one was writing it so we have to write it ourselves.”

Terra Nova is OUT NOW

Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation out now. A great collection of stories set in Tom Kratman’s Carrera series. @BaenBooks