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Promotional image with book cover for Threading the Needle

Pre-release Screening of Threading the Needle

Hard science fiction with a touch of frontier justice!

“A new space western which combines hard science fiction with frontier action. Fans of Firefly will love this kick-ass female protagonist.”

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One-of-Antonia Excerpt

The Ross 248 Project is a new hard-sf, shared-world anthology from Baen Books and editors Les Johnson and Ken Roy. An excerpt from my short story, One-of-Antonia is offered here for your enjoyment.

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Celebrate with me!

Space opera is my absolute favorite genre to write. I can’t wait for you to meet my heroine and join her on this adventure. Threading the Needle, Baen Books, October 2023.

Bright and Bright: Samurai Soul

Bright and its sequel, Bright:Samurai Soul, are two of the best things on Netflix (after Arcane).

September Five-Book Giveaway

Enter this great five-book giveaway.

Warrior: A gritty, action-packed series that should be a hit

Unexpected depth from a gritty, action-packed series that should be a major hit. Looking forward to season 3.

The Mummy: Why we need more women like Evie

The Mummy’s Evie. This strong, smart, flawed, seductress is the kind of heroine that’s desperately needed today.