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Ravages of Honor Series

The Ravages of Honor (RoH) series is a dynastic space opera heavy on romantic elements such as chivalry. Featuring a heroine who is an actual strong woman (not the caricature known as the “strong female character”) and a byronic hero, the novels include a romantic subplot with steamy sex that does NOT fade to black. RoH features tropes such as galactic empire, fish-out-of-water, space elves, enemies-to-lovers, and science-so-advanced-it-might-as-well-be-magic including nanotechnology and faster-than-light travel in fantastical spaceships that are out of this world. Oh, and swords. There’s also swords. Space battles are very limited in scope, that’s why the covers do not feature “space ass” (the back end of spaceships). There are no Weberesque space battles* (David does it much better than I ever could), no treatises on space battle tactics, and no technical manuals disguised as info-dumps. RoH focuses on human drives, not hyperdrives, and explores the deeper meaning of what it means to be free, what it means to be human, and the costs of survival.

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