Stand-alone works in the Ravages of Honor universe


Ravages of Honor


Enemy Beloved (sign up for my newsletter and get this free novella)

Short story

Bonds of Love and Duty (Laurell K. Hamilton’s Fantastic Hope)

Short Fiction

Good of the Many (Worldbreakers from Baen Books)

The Cerberus Project
 (in The Founder Effect from Baen Books)

Terms of Surrender (Men in Uniform, edited by Sheellah Kennedy and Joy Wandrey)

Caliborne’s Curse (Tales Around the Supper Table, edited by JL Curtis)

Pretending to Sleep: A Communism Survivor’s Short Story

The Heretic (Phases of Mars 3: Trouble in the Wind, edited by James Young and Chris Kennedy)

Catching the Dark: An Alt History Short Story

Bellona’s Gift (in Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation, edited by Tom Kratman, Baen Books)

Promethea Invicta: A Novella
Cooper: A Short Story
Equality: A Short Story
Dolus Magnus The Great Hoax: A Short Story
Collective Responsibility: A Short Story


Confusing Anonymity with Freedom, Modern Gun, August 1995

Maternity and Gunfire, The Bullet Trap, Vol. XXX-Isssue 4, Sept.-Oct. 1995

Doctors, Maternity, and Gunfire, Modern Gun, December 1995

Do You Hit Like a Girl? Modern Gun, February 1996

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