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Episode 1 of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone

Justin Watson and Monalisa Foster discuss episode one of Shadow and Bone based on Leigh Bardugo’s YA Fantasy series.

Shadow and Bone* caught my attention on Netflix. Neither a fan of YA nor a big Fantasy reader, this was quite a feat and in no small part it was due to the skill with which the story is written (both by Leigh Bardugo in the book and by the show-runners at Neflix).

My friend and co-author Justin Watson* and I decided to discuss the series as part of his Lore and Valor podcast.

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I had a lot of fun discussing this and am really looking forward to doing episode two. You’ll notice that Justin and I approach storytelling from different perspectives and that’s one of the things that makes exchanges like this interesting. As a writer I’m always interested on how others “digest” a particular story.

Another reason I enjoy these is that it’s the closest we get to doing panels when we are not at cons. And we do this kind of thing whenever we get together, whether we’re holed up in a hotel room at a con or doing a video chat just because.

I especially enjoy Justin’s commentary because it’s not just vague generalizations like “I liked it” or “This was so neat.” We can have an intelligent discussion about what we enjoyed, what we found lacking, and what we learned.

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