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Science Fiction

Samurai in armor with swords

Relics. A SF-noir-flavored nibble

Relics, is an SF-noir short story set in my Threading the Needle universe. Read about my inspiration and reasons for this story.

Ravages of Honor: Handwavium Part 4, The Concept of Generations

Worldbuilding isn’t just about establishing how the hyperdrive works or how the government works. It’s about establishing the “social” and “girl cootie” aspects of how their world works, since demography is destiny (to quote philosopher Auguste Comte). Some people dismiss this as “social scifi” as if it somehow makes it less scientific and unworthy of the title. They are wrong.

Promotional image with book cover for Threading the Needle

Pre-release Screening of Threading the Needle

Hard science fiction with a touch of frontier justice!

“A new space western which combines hard science fiction with frontier action. Fans of Firefly will love this kick-ass female protagonist.”

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One-of-Antonia Excerpt

The Ross 248 Project is a new hard-sf, shared-world anthology from Baen Books and editors Les Johnson and Ken Roy. An excerpt from my short story, One-of-Antonia is offered here for your enjoyment.

Reviewing A Civil Campaign (Vorkosigan Saga #12)

I am desperate for more books like A Civil Campaign, both in terms of writing and story. Please send recs my way. Human drives, not hyperdrives.

Age of Samurai–A stunning docudrama

The Ravages of Honor series, has far more in common with feudal Japan than it does with the ballrooms of Regency England.

Excerpt from Resilience, coming June 7, 2022 in Robosoldiers

Excerpt from my short story, Resilience (part of Robosoldiers edited by Stephen Lawson) coming June 7, 2022. Baen Books.