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Down the quantum rabbit hole

The handwavium of “quatum” and “nano” diverges from the real limits of quantum entanglement.

It seems that if you want to make something sound cooler, you can do so by placing the word “quantum” (or “nano”) with it and voila, instant scienciness (yes, that’s totally a word now, deal with it).

But … (you knew there had to be a but, right?)

For storytelling reasons, I dove into quantum entanglement (thanks, a lot, Chuck Gannon). It was late at night (I try to use my fresh brain power for writing these days) and I figured, you know, I’m on YouTube anyway, so why not see what’s on there for funsies.

Good video on quantum entanglement and what it actually is.

I did actually find a video which I think does a decent job of explaining it, and it reveals in oh-so-many ways when and why sci-fi diverges from reality. Pay particular attention to why you can’t actually use this for the instantaneous communication on which sci-fi handwavium applies.

And since you’re there anyway, check out my YouTube channel.

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  1. Bill Wade says:

    Hmm. Top illustration looks an awful lot like a pair of male zygotes in search of a female zygote.

    That explains the Big Bang at least.

  2. I thought the same when I first saw it. The lengths to which people go to to represent wave-particle duality I guess. 😉

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