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Samurai in armor with swords

Relics. A SF-noir-flavored nibble

Relics, is an SF-noir short story set in my Threading the Needle universe. Read about my inspiration and reasons for this story.

The First Trilogy in the Ravages of Honor Series is Complete

The first trilogy in the Ravages of Honor series is complete with Lineage, available 10/20/23. Read the story behind this epic, far-future space opera with genetic engineering, nanotech, and swords.

Excerpt from Resilience, coming June 7, 2022 in Robosoldiers

Excerpt from my short story, Resilience (part of Robosoldiers edited by Stephen Lawson) coming June 7, 2022. Baen Books.

Excerpt from Caliborne’s Curse

Mallory Caliborne’s luck hasn’t been the best lately. One might even say she was cursed. So what comes after a flood, a fire, and frogs? A vampire, werewolf, demon, and angel of course.

Excerpt from “Terms of Surrender”

Excerpt from my short story, Terms of Surrender, coming soon from CKP’s Men in Uniform.

Excerpt from “Dark Side of the Sun”

“The bloodsuckers’ bloodsucker,” she said. “I should’ve known.” Excerpt from “Dark Side of the Sun” a short story about armed nanny witches and vampires. Out now in Flights of Fantasy from CKP.

Excerpt #1– RoH2: Ascension

Excerpt #1 from the sequel to Ravages of Honor, tentatively called RoH2: Ascension. Release date Dec. 2020.

Bonds of Duty and Love

I’m very excited to share this snippet from my upcoming Ravages of Honor short story which will be released on April 7th as part of Fantastic Hope, an anthology by Laurell K. Hamilton. I am thrilled to be part of this anthology because it brings you thirteen positive, uplifting stories (and don’t we all need those?).

eARC of Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation available now

Baen books released the eARC* (electronic advance reader copy) for Tom Kratman’s Carreraverse anthology, Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation, yesterday.

This anthology includes stories by Kacey Ezell, Mike Massa, Rob Hampson. Chris Smith (Christopher L. Smith), Peter Grant, Chris Nutall, Justin Watson
Monalisa Foster, Alex Macris, Lawrence Railey, and Tom Kratman.