A Russian immigrant’s musings on utopia

My friend and co-author, Marina Fontaine blogs about her upcoming story, Exile in the soon to be released MAGA:2020 & Beyond. When I first heard of a pro-Trump anthology intended to show the bright side of Trump’s election, I was curious about the concept, but had no thought of contributing. For one, stories of a… Continue reading A Russian immigrant’s musings on utopia

Coming Nov. 8, 2017…Dolus Magnus: The Great Hoax

The first time I heard the term, GIGO, was in my machine language class—no, we weren't using abaci or slide rules (we'd given those up the year before). It's an acronym that stands for "garbage in, garbage out" and it's meant to convey the simple idea, that no matter how good your algorithm, if the… Continue reading Coming Nov. 8, 2017…Dolus Magnus: The Great Hoax

Lance Lockjaw and the problem of sci-fi

Lance Lockjaw, our intrepid hero (cue generic hero image, cape optional), has a problem. The problem requires some super duper clever solution, but let's keep it simple. A micro-meteorite has punched a hole in Lance's ship and he needs to plug it so that everyone doesn't die a horrible death. Do we make the story… Continue reading Lance Lockjaw and the problem of sci-fi