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Ravages of Honor Series

Cover for Ravages of Honor 3: Lineage

Ravages of Honor: Lineage (Book 3)

Darien and Syteria have been to hell and back. Their wounds and scars remain a part of them and who they are as they fight to stay together and prevent civil war. But when an old enemy is found alive he threatens their most precious secret and the future of both humans and donai. Will they be able to forge the new alliances needed to keep the Imperium from rising from the ashes? Or will the Imperium’s old guard rise to carry out a genocide that will doom the donai to extinction?

Ravages of Honor: Ascension (Book 2)

House Dobromil has stood against the emperor since the beginning. For generations, they have defied tyrannical edicts and stood up for donai and humans. 

Ravages of Honor: Conquest (Book 1)

Syteria was kidnapped as a child. The Rhoans enslaved her, brainwashed and masculinized her in order to turn her into a soldier against her will. Despite this, she has not forgotten who or what she is.

Dominion: A Ravages of Honor Novella

The fading chaos of rebellion gives rise to a new power. Rival Houses compete for precious knowledge essential to the donai’s survival.

Featherlight: A Ravages of Honor Novella

Lady Valeria Yedon, the emperor’s favorite assassin, thought herself free. But in the Imperium, oaths of fealty have no expiration date. The burdens of duty and honor bind everything, and everyone, together.