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Ravages of Honor: Lineage Signed Paperback


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This is a pre-order item. Release date is 10/20/23.

Will the sins of the fathers destroy the future?

Darien and Syteria have been to hell and back. Their wounds and scars remain a part of them and who they are as they fight to stay together and prevent civil war. But when an old enemy is found alive he threatens their most precious secret and the future of both humans and donai. Will they be able to forge the new alliances needed to keep the Imperium from rising from the ashes? Or will the Imperium’s old guard carry out a genocide that will doom the donai to extinction?

Ravages of Honor: Lineage picks up right after the end of Ravages of Honor: Ascension. While it can be read as a standalone (it is a complete story with its own beginning, middle, and end), it was meant to be read in sequence. The Ravages of Honor series is a galactic empire space opera with romantic elements, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and swords.

Book 3 in the series. Completes Trilogy 1.

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