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Pretending to Sleep: A Communism Survivor’s Short Story Signed Paperback


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Based on actual events, this short story provides a quick glimpse into life under Ceaucescu’s brutal communist regime. Like so many Romanians, ten-year-old Renata lives in fear of Securitate (Ceaucescu’s secret police). They don’t always take you in the middle of the night. In a world where the living envy the dead, not all examples are made in the shadows. Some are made in the light of day.

“Superbly written…” –Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Award winning writer and editor

“I cannot overly recommend this 40-odd page jewel. It’s a painful piece, but that’s its strength, really. And it is also a story which literally cannot be told too strongly or too often.”

–David Weber, Bestselling Author of the Honor Harrington novels



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