I wholeheartedly agree (review of The Wheel of Time)

I'm more of a sci-fi girl and my husband is the fantasy reader in the family. I may have read The Wheel of Time at one point (I used to read a book a day, once upon a time before dishes, laundry, and other generally mundane things took over my life). If so, I don't... Continue Reading →

Ravages of Honor: Ascension available for pre-order

I am so happy to announce that the sequel to Ravages of Honor: Conquest (Book 1) is now available for pre-order. It will be available for download on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. You can click here to be taken to your favorite retailer. Would you embrace darkness to save your child? House Dobromil has stood... Continue Reading →

Ravages of Honor pronunciation guide

I'm a logophile. My Spotify playlist is made up of songs in German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Mongolian, Latin, French, and Italian. One of the reasons I love writing science fiction is that it allows me to make up words and use language in a creative way. I love making up words and... Continue Reading →

A blast from the past

I was working on Ascension, the sequel to Ravages of Honor: Conquest today and went looking for some references related to a plot point. Somehow I found the very first iteration of what was then the opening scene for RoH:C. I'm sharing it with you today because I want you to see what a difference... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from “The Heretic”

Trouble in the Wind (Phases of Mars Book 3) is out in audio. I'm really excited to share the opening of my contribution, "The Heretic," an alt-history of Joan of Arc. “France will be lost by a woman and shall thereafter be restored by a virgin.” — Marie d’Avignon It is a terrible thing to... Continue Reading →

Pretending to Sleep

The Writer in Black

Available on Kindle

Read this story. It’s not long. I read it in a sitting last night. And frankly, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

There is no slap-bang action in this book.  No chase scenes.  No daring rescues.  No climactic battles.  It is no spy or resistance thriller.  It’s simply the baldly told tale of a girl, Renata, at the mercy of forces far beyond any control of hers, and her treatment for the “crime” of simply having the wrong relatives. Her helplessness in the face of those forces paints, in a few broad strokes, the grim nature of life in Communist Romania.

The book’s very understatement provides much of its power and provides a perennially topical warning about the danger of too-pervasive government, where every aspect of ones life is mandated by the State.

The author, Monalisa Foster, is a friend of mine.  She’s also a survivor of…

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