Audio version of “Bonds of Love and Duty”

I’m a very visual person and always have been. If I see it I can memorize it, learn it, remember it, etc. But listening has always been a bit more challenging. I get distracted–usually by visual stuff. But I really wanted to hear my short story, “Bonds of Love and Duty” being read. It’s beenContinue reading “Audio version of “Bonds of Love and Duty””

Excerpt from The Cerberus Project

David Weber and I both have stories in Robert E. Hampson’s upcoming The Founder Effect anthology (coming from Baen books in December). We thought it might be fun to share excerpts from our stories with you. You can find the excerpt from David’s story, Kamekura, here. For Norman Borlaug, the man who saved a billionContinue reading “Excerpt from The Cerberus Project”

Dominion (A Ravages of Honor novella) released.

I originally wrote “Dominion” for the Oregon Writers’ Workshop in 2018. One of the buying editors for that workshop was looking for stories for a romance anthology. But “Dominion” was bought by a different set of editors for an anthology themed around strangers. Sometimes things work out differently than anticipated. “Dominion” was my first proContinue reading “Dominion (A Ravages of Honor novella) released.”

New release: “The Heretic” in Trouble in the Wind

Today is the day! The most awesome collection of alt-history ground warfare stories called Trouble in the Wind is out from Chris Kennedy Publishing. I’m honored to share space with such a great group of writers. Here is an excerpt from my alt-history story about Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, one of theContinue reading “New release: “The Heretic” in Trouble in the Wind”