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On Writing Has Moved

My discussion of the writing craft have moved to Substack. My Substack is divided into several sections.

  • Monalisa’s Musings deals with stuff I find interesting that is not necessarily writing related, even though sometimes there’s cross-over.
  • Pretending to Sleep is about life in Romania and an extension of the short story of the same name, although not fictionalized accounts.
  • So You Wanna Be A Writer has posts related to the craft of writing, i.e. tropes and so other craft-related and craft-adjacent thing.
  • Works in Progress are excerpts from my works in progress, mostly from Ravages of Honor 3: Lineage but also from other WiPs.

You can subscribe to one or more or all. It’s up to you.

Most of the posts on my Substack are free, but you do have to subscribe to receive them. Free content is usually free for about four weeks, after which they go into the Archive and thus, behind a paywall. On occasion I will leave a post as free for longer or permanently. WiP excerpts for RoH3 are behind a paywall and will remain that way.

Some of the craft-related posts are available first to subscribers, and delayed for free subscribers. Once they become public they usually stay that way for four weeks and then get archived (paywalled).

Why bother with all this?

Subscribing means that no one controls what and when you see my posts, unlike on social media (they control what you see even if you’re a follower or “friend” and throttle posts like mine for various reasons) or this website (where discoverability is controlled by Google and SEO).