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Cover for Enemy Beloved : A Ravages of Honor Novella

A prequel to Ravages of Honor: Conquest

Sometimes discretion is not the better part of valor.

Far from home, Ilithyia Dayasagar searches for a way to return to the stars. 

Dragomir barely survived the crash. His ship did not. Blind and maimed, he must rely on a rescuer he does not trust. 

They both have their secrets. And their missions. 

Enemy Beloved can be read as a stand-alone, however it’s best enjoyed as part of the Ravages of Honor series. Enemy Beloved is the story of Darien’s parents. It is science fiction (the story can’t be told without the speculative elements) but it is also very much an enemies-to-lovers romance. It does not fade to black. Download only if you like steamy, on-page sex.


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