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Great Beginnings — Test Mode

Great Beginnings is a course made up of a series of lessons focusing on the opening scenes/chapters of popular well-written books. The commentary in each lesson focuses on the technical aspects of writing with an emphasis on immersion. You don’t have to buy the book being discussed as first chapters tend to be readily available as samples. If you do buy the book, I ask that you do so via the links I provide in order to help pay for the maintenance of this website.

My goal is to put up a new post every two weeks or so, or twice a month.

For now, as I work out the kinks, this is free. You do have to sign up and register. You can always cancel your registration if you don’t find it useful. You will receive a pro-rated refund, i.e. if you used it for six of the twelve months, you’ll get a refund for the six months you didn’t use. No refunds on subscriptions that expired regardless of usage.