Ravages of Honor is out now

With one act of defiance, Syteria holds the fate of two empires in her hands, but she does not know it. A stranger in a strange land, she must survive, adapt, thrive. Only then can she free herself. Only then can her sacrifice and rebellion bear fruit. An epic story about the price of honor, power, and freedom.

New Series Announcement

To celebrate the launch of my new space opera series, I'm pleased to present Enemy Beloved: A Novella* -- a stand-alone prequel to Ravages of Honor: Conquest. It is the first of three novellas in the Ravages of Honor universe.

Cooper: A Short Story*

Now available as a DRM-free, stand-alone story on Amazon as well as in print (regular and large). *Originally appeared in To Be Men: Stories Celebrating Masculinity

eARC of Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation available now

Baen books released the eARC* (electronic advance reader copy) for Tom Kratman's Carreraverse anthology, Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation, yesterday. This anthology includes stories by Kacey Ezell, Mike Massa, Rob Hampson. Chris Smith (Christopher L. Smith), Peter Grant, Chris Nutall, Justin Watson Monalisa Foster, Alex Macris, Lawrence Railey, and Tom Kratman.

The Foster Test

Let me start by disclosing that I absolutely loathe the Bechdel-Wallace Test. The fact that someone thought this was a concept we needed speaks more of their own neuroses than anything else, but it keeps coming up.Basically, the Bechdel Test attempts to measure how women in fiction are portrayed. If a work features at least... Continue Reading →

The music in your prose

Yesterday I got a message from an acquaintance asking me if I had any good exercises that I could suggest since he was getting back into writing after a two-year hiatus. I didn't really have an answer for him, although I did point him to The Other Side of the Page.But then, this morning, I... Continue Reading →

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